Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Apple in talks to acquire HipSolve Media

This just in from ThinkSecret - Startup HipSolve Media is currently in talks with several companies who are interested in acquiring the firm, including Apple, which has made a $3.6 million offer to quietly take over the company, Think Secret has learned.

Founded nearly three years ago with the intention of reformulating how artists and labels distribute music, Vacaville, California-based HipSolve Media is the exclusive distributor of the iHoopla Label Edition solution. Launched in January, 2005, the Windows-based iHoopla offers music labels and publishers the ability to distribute their music directly to customers, complete with digital rights management, with a more favorable financial model. "This makes it possible for content owners to take 100% control of their catalogs, keep 95% of their revenues and deposit online profits direct to their own merchant account in real time.

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