Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yahoo steps up to the plate against Apple iTunes + iPod juggernaught

Yet another mighty internet force has pieced together a new gun and is taking aim at current digital music king Apple Computer Inc., according to a recent CNet article. This will be quite interesting as part of Yahoo's arsenal will include what's become of Musicmatch since Yahoo! purchased it last year. I was a big fan of Musicmatch before I found iTunes. While the interface is nowhere near as elegant as iTunes, there were some pretty powerful features included with the full license that I purchased way back when. Unfortunately for Yahoo!, unless there's some secret back-room deals being made, their solution will not work with iTunes or iPod. Seeing that analysts expect another 15 million iPods to be sold this year, on top of the 10 million already in use, I don't see this going too far. Unless, of course, they release some pretty compelling hardware. Even then Yahoo! would he hard pressed to catch up to Apple with so many people having already bought into their solution. Over 300 million songs have been purchased from Apple and not a one of them will work with Yahoo!'s player....or anyone else's player for that matter. I know I've bought about 700 of those songs and I'm quite happy with my player.

Check out the article HERE


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